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Cardiovascular Surgery

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  • a wide range of laboratory tests
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  • cardiologist’s detailed recommendations on training regimen
  • annual observation programs
  • weight-loss programs for ladies and men
  • gynecology, urology and endocrinology services

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  • diagnostic programs for paients of all ages
  • the best doctors
  • high-quality equipment
  • complex approach

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  • individualized treatment options
  • personal medical coordinators
  • contact your doctor by e-mail

We save our patient’s time and help them improve their health.

Welcome to the website of Yugra Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Center.

Our Center is one of the largest healthcare facilities in Yugra and the leading clinic in the area, providing healthcare to patients with cardiovascular diseases. A wide range of cardiovascular surgeries is performed here, including high-tech procedures (X-ray endovascular interventions, arrhythmology). Pediatric cardiac surgery is a separate division. Our surgeons perform congenital heart defect repairs on babies in the first hours of life.

Thanks to the professional competence of our team, Yugra Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Center is named amongst the top highest rated hospitals in Russia. Treatment efficiency rate of cardiovascular diseases in Yugra is one of the highest in the Russian Federation.

We aim to keep options open and take into consideration improving proposals. Your feedback is important to us. If you would like to let us know how we can improve our services or perhaps share a compliment, please, fill out our Feedback Form.

25 years have passed since Yugra Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Center foundation. It started as the Clinical Diagnostic Center located at rented facilities in different parts of Surgut. In those days performance of advanced cardiac surgeries in the northern further-flung region seemed to be a pipe dream.

Today our skilled specialists, world-class equipment and advanced technologies provide an ongoing high-quality diagnostic and treatment process. Our well-coordinated team consists of more than 1,100 members.

Yugra Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Center.
Proven. Trusted. Responsible.

Flawlessly operating as a single team for 25 years!

Yours faithfully, Irina A. Urvantseva
Chief Physician, The Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra Diagnostics and Cardiovascular Surgery Center (cardiology clinic), a public-sector entity
Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Candidate of Medical Science,
Chief External Expert in Cardiology, The Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra Healthcare Department

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How to Receive Medical Treatment in Yugra Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Center

Step 1:

Define your goals for medical treatment (according to the list of medical services)

Step 2:

Apply for a consultation by phone: +7 (951)977-9095 or by e-mail: MedtourYugra@cardioc.ru

Step 3:

Our staff members will get in touch with you to confirm the availability of medical services and help you assess the estimated costs of your treatment

Step 4:

  • Choose your accommodation;
  • Choose suitable types of transportation;
  • Apply for a visa.

Step 5:

Welcome to Yugra Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Center


Address: pr. Lenina 69/1, Surgut, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra, Russia, 628416
The official website of the paid services and medical marketing departmentwww.medhmao.ru/eng/
E-mail: MedtourYugra@cardioc.ru
Phone numbers: +7 (3462) 52-85-84, +7 (3462) 52 85 11, +7 (904) 879 00 30
Messengers: Viber/WhatsApp: + 7 (951) 977 90 95

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